Urban water engineering

Households, small businesses, farms and industries have to be supplied with drinking water and process water. Also, a proper transfer of waste water and rain water must be ensured. These tasks represent the discipline of urban water engineering.

For urban water engineering we have the know-how regarding:

Potable water supply
  • Site investigations
  • Planning of new supply systems
  • Water demand analysis
  • Water procurements
  • Routing
  • Hydraulic calculations and transient analysis (water hammer)
  • Model experiments for water intake structures
  • Extension of existing systems
Waste water engineering
  • Site investigations
  • Sewer systems
  • Permit application regarding water rights
  • Water discharge of industrial facilities
  • Leakage water drainage and treatment
  • Municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants
Rain water
  • Surface drainage
  • Rain water storage
  • Infiltration systems
  • Split Wastewater Fee

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