For hydraulic and hydrodynamic modeling and simulation, we use among others the following software:

  • Denika  -  Institute for water management and waste technology of the University of Hannover
  • Flowmaster  -  Flowmaster Ltd.
  • Hec-Ras  -  US Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers
  • Matlab  -  MathWorks
  • Mike3  -  DHI (Danish Hydraulic Institute)
  • Mike Urban  -  DHI (Danish Hydraulic Institute)
  • Orcaflex  -  Orcina Ltd.

Our engineering drawings are established by means of:

  • AutoCAD 3D  -  Autodesk Inc.
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D  -  Autodesk Inc.

In case the use of additional alternative software for elaborating your project is required we are willing to apply the corresponding software.

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