Industrial facilities

Large industrial installations generally cover their needs for cooling water, raw water and process water by the extraction from surface waters (rivers, lakes, oceans). Heated cooling water or brine is discharged by pipelines and return structures into the receiving water.

For power plants, desalination plants, waste incineration plants and petrochemical plants we have the know-how regarding:

  • Site investigations
  • Water intake and discharge structures
  • Pipeline installations offshore
  • Cooling water pumps, cooling water screening system
  • Piping systems
  • Hydraulic and hydrodynamic calculations
  • Water hammer analysis
  • Fish protection
  • Recirculation and dispersion studies
  • Process water disposals
  • Supervision of hydraulic model tests and mathematical simulation models

If applicable select the desired items from our range of SERVICES individually and corresponding to the progress of your project.

For selected projects, refer to REFERENCES.